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Gourmet Criativo

Hi. I'm Mira Sampaio, a Recife native, raised in the care of my grandmother, and I carry the tradition of a large family, always involved in large receptions, both family and corporate. The art of reception has always enchanted me. For me it is like a ritual of welcoming new and old friends, family, contacts and colleagues, with the delicacy and refinement of a well-laid table.


In my luggage, wherever I may have been, I have always carried this talent, and I also added to it wonderful things that I learned in Angola, Spain, Cuba and now Florida, USA. Tables made with such care have been an entry way in aiding to build beautiful friendships and forge great alliances.


Wherever I go, my gaze captures the crafts of the region, the leaves and flowers of nature and the environment, and everything comes together in my mind. From then on, I've already assembled the architecture and the arrangement of the objects on the table, which I later materialize in breakfasts, lunches and dinners, with a staging that makes the palate and the eyes delight. Because you also eat with your eyes. These decorated tables can be seen on the Instagram account “Gourmet Criativo” (written in Portuguese, my mother tongue).


It is the space where I document each of the moments created in meetings and receptions. I am now in a new world. Florida, ready to explore and discover. Florida, a modern world that receives the winds of the Caribbean, inspires me to go further, use all my acquired luggage and help those who, like me, like to receive people, but may not have the time or lack ideas. An added touch of refinement is the ingredient I like to put on each table. A challenge in which I hope to incorporate new talents, in a project that is being designed with great care and dedication.


Gourmet Criativo is always at the forefront of the art of presenting itself with flavor, quality and in search of new ideas and experiences that add more value to its innovative proposals in order to serve its select clientele.


Since June 2020, architect Giulliana Camaroti has joined us to create a new time and add to our team. She who has more than 15 years of international experience in interior design, is very fond of haute cuisine and has taken several courses in the area. We guarantee that with all this luggage, it will contribute a lot for Gourmet Criativo to reach the level of excellence that our customers deserve.

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Gourmet Criativo
Mira Sampaio & Giulliana Camaroti

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